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Veriteam Software Solution Pvt Ltd

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Company Products

 ALMS-POS v3.0

The Active Laundry Management Point of Sale is enabled by very handy functionality and features that would decrease effort. Simple and laid on the line functions that would shorten day to day order management in your laundry. It comes with many useful tools to manage a laundry of whatever size.

Product Key features:
Multiple Stores Access Facility.
Custom Pricing Control.
User Access Right Control.
Audit Trail.
Allow for Customization.
Custom Discount Rate.
Pick & Drop Clothes.
End to End Tracking Facility.

  Veri-Pharm v2.0

VeriPharm application system is a sophisticated and robust and operation managment system for small and midsized businesses.

Product Key features:
Low Cost
Full-suite CRM included
Inventory Management and Operations
Business Intelligence and Reporting
Time and Project Management.

 Veri-Edu ERP v3.0

Our superb expertise on cutting edge technology has brought online educational ERP software solution, a totally planned tool that simplifies your task - just like the snap of a finger. A fully integrated system for kindergartens, e-governance, schools, colleges, distant learning centres, training centers, autonomous institutions and university.

Product Key features:
Easy to Use
Centralizes Automation with Paperless Working
Integration with Barcode/RFID/Biometric/SMS/Email
Advance Security Settings
100% Customizable Report
Lower Cost as Compare to Market Price
Increase efficiency, Enhance Productivity to Reduce Operating Costs
Focus on Core Competence
Lower Risks & Improved ROI.
Transparency & Accountability in all processes

Main Modules: Admission Module
Online Registration
Fee collection/Payment
Attendance (Student+ Staff)
Library Management System
Scholarship Management
Certificate Generation
Certificate Verification
Store Management
Event Management
Article / Journel Publication
Principal Desk
Training & Placement
Hostel Management
Dynamic Notice & News
Student Comments/Feed Backs
SMS (Short Messaging Service)
Online Result System
Internal Approval System (DP)
Web Base Access to Students/Parents
Android Version

 VeriTra v2.0

The travel agents can use our web application to fulfil the travel related needs of their customers. By integrating this travel api with your own software solution,
Our end to end travel management solution enables to offer unbeatable travel related services to your potential clients. We offer you a unproblematic base in the form of faultless travel related services which you can use to develop a strong customer segment for yourself.

Product Key features:

Travel Ticket Booking
Air Ticket Booking (Domestic & International)
Hotel Booking
Car Booking (Rental/Hire)
Bus Booking
Dynamic Holiday Packages
Tour Packages
Payment Gateway Integration
SMS Gateway Incorporation
Admin Control Panel
User Login System
Agent Management.

 Online Logistics Management Tool v1.0

A fully integrated, solution that provides Shippers and Customers, Consignees and their logistics companies with full reflectiveness through the supply chain from customer order through delivery of goods.

Product Key features:

Integrated Order Management,
freight Management,
Warehouse management modules,
Process orders, Maintain inventory
Track delivery.

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